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Inclusive Listening

Children sensitive to noise benefit from reducing levels. Proven to help with Autism Sound Sensitivity and Auditory Processing Disorder, the WhispEar solution enables the listener to still have a crystal-clear audio of the teacher, Mum or Dad or carer whilst still removing background noise.

The teacher or carer wears the transmitter enabling them to speak normally, not needing to raise their voice to be heard. The listener wears or inserts the receiver into the ear defenders and can then hear with greater clarity.

When wearing ear defenders to reduce environmental noise, the wearer can naturally feel disconnected from the teacher, friends, or family, making it difficult to differentiate between sounds and separate conversations/noise. For example, If sat in a restaurant, you may want to listen/focus on listening to the person on your table, but, the table next to you also has people talking. Ordinarily you can ‘filter’ out this unwanted conversation and focus on the person you want to hear. Wearing ear defenders or having difficulty hearing make this very difficult.