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Inclusive Music System

It is well documented how beneficial playing music can be for wellbeing and how it can provide an outlet for creative people.

Playing musical instruments can be difficult, especially if the player does not have the dexterity required or physical capabilities or lung capacity to control sometimes complex musical instruments, leaving people left out, unable to join in.

At School Supplier, we love this solution as it provides a way for anyone to be able to play music and join in, regardless of ability. The system has been designed so it always produces a sound that the player can be proud of yet put their own stamp on their music and get creative!

We wanted to ensure that as many people have the opportunity to use this incredible system which is why School Supplier offer the option of hiring, purchasing or leasing.

If you would like more information you can call us on 01704 332 353 or email info@schoolsupplier.co.uk

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